Armored Mercedes Benz VR7 Armoured car

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Category : Armored Sedan Cars

Vehicle Model: Armored Mercedes Benz S550, S500
Engine & Transmission: 5.5L, GA, RHD/LHD
Armoring Level: CEN B6 / B7 / VR7

Opaque Armor Certified material tested by H.P. White Laboratory Inc. USA for BALLISTIC RESISTANCE TESTS is used. Five sided armoring of passenger compartment using certified ballistic steel plating to defeat high powered fire. Floor is fitted with steel blast protection to protect occupants against fragmentation from simultaneous detonation of 2 DM‐51 German ordnance hand grenades or equivalent. Armoring included on kick panels, front fenders, rear wheel wells, firewall, A, B, and C door pillars and posts. Roof also armored to level B6 at 90° angle shots. Transparent Armor Certified Bulletproof Glass by Germany/USA is used which comprises of, Polycarbonate and Mylar and are bonded together using the latest technology, producing one of the finest transparent Armors available while incorporating the following. - Meets or exceeds levels CEN B6. - Anti‐spall shield protecting against shattering glass. - Multiple impact protection (three shot). - Finest optical quality offers minimal distortion.

Armored Mercedez Benz S500 Armoured vehicle For Sale in UAE

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